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It doesn’t often matter where you seek careers advice from, be it at school, or from outside sources. Sometimes the results are a bit hit and miss. When it comes to making decisions about your future as a student, and possible future career prospects as well, it’s important to be well informed. There is plenty to think about when choosing a higher education university course, and this site aims to give you food for thought, and point you in the right direction.

If you translate this decision into a list of questions and answers, then ‘what do you hope to get out of the degree,’ will be top of the list. You may be lucky and have a career plan, or you may need more of a helping hand through the process. Look out for the tips and tricks for where to research courses, different study methods, and how personal circumstances will affect your decision.

Researching courses is just the start of the process though, you’ll also have to make decisions on where to study, and weigh up the benefits of studying at home or away. Look out for our university checklist, what to look out for if you have special needs, and, perhaps most importantly, university facts and figures. The site details resources that cover student satisfaction, university results, and how you can compare and contrast different courses and colleges across the UK.

Whatever patterns your decision making follows, at some point you’ll be relating your course ideas to your career plans, researching professional bodies in your chosen industry, and what qualifications they look for. The site also covers how to make the most of a university open day, what publications a university provides that will help with your research, and further information on the different types of qualifications you can gain while in higher education.  There’s also information on studying abroad, the organisations that run exchange schemes, and although we don’t want to end on a low note, look out for our tips on bogus degrees (yes they do exist).

The information on this site should cover most bases when it comes to higher education research, but just in case you need any further information, there are some links to some useful websites as well. Whatever decisions you make about university, make sure they are the right ones.

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